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Ph.D. Human Science. Editor, Coreopsis Journal of Myth and Theatre. Resides in Berkeley, Ca. Aspires to Dragon Riding.

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It's complicated....

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By June 29th: 1. Having completed the application, go to post office and mail the application for travel/research grant 2. July 10th: Complete editorial treatise on mask making during the Covid-19 crises for Coreopsis' Autumn issue and send it to copy editing 3.July 12th Submit the experimental fiction piece "A Quarantine Tale" to anthology 4. July 16: Abstract for art/science anthology written and submitted 5. July 17: two poems ready for submission 6. Begin paper on Art/Science 7. July 12: Set editorial goals for Autumn issue of Coreopsis. August: Design process for Coreopsis Autumn Issue completed.

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I think $300 is a pretty good number.

writing goal:
12 sparkly vampires slain


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