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T. K. Rex is a speculative fiction author from the western states, whose short stories and poems can be read in more than thirty publications, including Apex, Asimov's, Strange Horizons, and their forthcoming debut collection, The Wildcraft Drones (2026, Stelliform Press). They’re an alumni of the Clarion writers workshop, a twenty-year denizen of San Francisco, and a friendly acquaintance of spiders. You can find links to their stories and sign up for their newsletter at tkrex.wtf.

Writing Style

ISLANDS OF RED CRYSTAL (the novel I'm querying) is written in close third-person, with (mostly) a single POV character. For the prose, I leaned into lyricism, stream-of-consciousness and rich visual imagery of my alien setting, and away from tradition.

Writing Goal

I'm trying to find an agent to represent my complete young adult science fiction novel, Islands of Red Crystal. I've heard over and over that it can take a hundred or more queries to find an agent, and so far I'm not even half way there, so it's time to get these queries out to a lot more agents. If I can raise $10 per query for Clarion, that will help motivate me to actually send these out!

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100 querying agents


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