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After devouring countless Shakespeare plays, Eugene Ramos earned a degree in 16th-century British Lit from Northwestern. He later graduated with an MFA in Film from Columbia University where he received a fellowship from Comedy Central. Since film school, he has participated in the CAPE New Writers Fellowship, the Clarion SF&F Writers' Workshop, and the Hamptons Film Fest’s Screenwriters’ Lab. His spec scripts for the TV shows “How I Met Your Mother,” “The Twilight Zone,” “Supernatural” and “The Big Bang Theory” have placed in several competitions. His romantic-comedy screenplay about Isaac Newton, "Newton’s Laws of Emotion," won the TFI Sloan Filmmaker Prize at the Tribeca Film Fest and a Gold Prize in the PAGE Awards. Because of his love for the Bard and science fiction, Ramos has earned the nickname The Sci-Fi Shakespeare Guy.

Writing Goal

I am writing a feature version of a pilot script I wrote called "Sons of Witches." The goal is to write a 100-120 page screenplay = 20 pages a week.

writing goal:
120 pages


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