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Jaymee Goh is a writer, poet, editor, critic, and reviewer. She comes from Malaysia, did two degrees in Canada, finished a PhD in California, USA, on steampunk and whiteness. She has been published in Strange Horizons, Lightspeed Magazine, Science Fiction Studies, Mythic Delirium, and a few anthologies.

Writing Style

Between deadpan and lyrical, realism in fantastical concepts, personal moments in utopic scopes, always politicised.

Writing Goal

six short stories

Fundraising Goal

$350 Anybody who donates >$25 gets to give me a prompt, to which I will respond with either a poem or microfic, at my discretion. It will *probably* be sexy, and if so, I will post them here: http://september-sui.tumblr.com/tagged/poetry

writing goal:
42 full pages


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