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I am a graduate of the 2019 Clarion UCSD workshop where I launched my work as a writer at the age of fifty. I am a technologist, a former public school teacher, the child of a refugee, the wife of an eccentric genius and the mama of a successfully launched human. I live in Chicago and am frequently in Thessaloniki, Greece with my family.

Writing Style

I write speculative fiction in a range of genres. My stories are about people who find themselves making sense of a changing world from a position of marginality, including the elderly, migrants, refugees and people with mental illness. Themes of Greek identity, alienation in the diaspora, separation and loss, intergenerational trauma and personal redemption permeate my work. I am passionate about #ownvoices and diverse representation in storytelling and publishing.

Writing Goal

My goal is to finish my #ownvoices postmemory novella about the experience of one woman’s devastating loss in the Greek civil war and how that trauma expresses itself in the lives of her descendants in the diaspora. Grandmother and granddaughter collaborate to redeem a desperate act of survival whose consequences have changed their family forever. The work draws on the myths and lore of the Oreads and Dyads who inhabit my family's region in the Grammos mountains.

Fundraising Goal

My goal is to raise $500 to help writers attend the Clarion workshop in years to come.

writing goal:
10 chapters written


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