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Kodiak Julian is a graduate of Reed College and of the Clarion Writers’ Workshop. Together with Jamaica Zoglman, she cohosts the weekly podcast, Spirit of the Endeavor, which explores the pursuit of beauty, mystery and the sublime in everyday life. She lives with her husband and son in Yakima, Washington, where she teaches truly magnificent high school students. Her work appears in Lightspeed, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Grimoire Magazine, the Writers of the Future anthology, and in the Witches, Stitches, and Bitches anthology. She is frequently mesmerized by watching chickens. 

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Beauty. Heartache. Occasional badassery. 1001 ways to contemplate death.

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I'm working on my thesis for my MFA program. A full novel draft is due in mid-September, so the write-a-thon aligns with this current hard push. My book, SIGNS AND WONDERS, is about a rabbi whose brother is a changeling. It contains a great deal about the desire to connect with other worlds, and a longing for the invisible. It also explores what it means to be a Jewish girl right now in this beautiful and messy world.

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$10 and up- Access to the Signs and Wonders Spotify playlist (or a list of the songs for those not on Spotify) OR access to a playlist created for a specific character $15 and up- Access to both playlists $20 and up- Access to both playlists and I buy you a beer/coffee/ice cream at the next convention we both attend $50 and up- All of the above prizes, plus a critique service. I will provide a critique of up to 7,000 words of fiction. $100 and up- All of the above prizes, plus we will trade critiques of each other's work. I will critique up to 7,000 words of your work, and you will critique a 7,000 word section of my novel. $500 and up- All of the above prizes, plus early access to reading my novel in its completed form. $2000 and up- All of the above prizes, plus I will critique your novel, up to 100,000 words.I can begin this service in the spring of 2023.

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30000 words written


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