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Although I have been writing for a long time and my style has matured over the years, I still consider myself a baby writer. I am a young genderfluid biracial African (Halfrican) from New York, currently based in Oregon. I have loved fantasy and science fiction for a long time and found myself writing it as a little pre-teen on my mom's desktop computer. I always have a place in my heart for the fantastical and the possibility of other worlds. This also makes me a little bit of a day dreamer, head in the clouds, but I promise to get my writing done!

Writing Style

While I do white both science fiction and fantasy, I lean heavily toward second world fantasy and genre-mixing as well. Most of my projects are novels that flesh out into larger extended universes (though a lot of this is behind the scenes stuff that happens in my mind when there isn't room on the page). My love for character building and collectivism leads to ensemble casts more often than not, though I can take it easy with the number of characters when I need to. I personally enjoy having more than one point of view, sometimes many, and tend to write what I enjoy, hoping someone else might too. I like to play with the type of point of view perspective, depending on the story and the characters. My stories also tend to focus on black, indigenous, and other people of color as main characters, due to my own background and my passion for seeing more of us represented in SFF.

Writing Goal

Hello! I'm a baby writer here who needs to put themself in the chair and write write write my book. I am working on finishing my novel The Serpent's Game by the end of this year, and would like to have finished the first half (or more) by the end of the write-a-thon.

writing goal:
48000 words written


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