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Speculative fiction writer, author, and editor. Octavia E. Butler Scholar of Clarion 2016. Shirley Jackson Award nominee. Co-host of @WritePackRadio. @AmherstWriters workshop leader. Writes queer romance as Kaseka Nvita. Geeky. Curious. Weird.

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Whatever strikes my fancy. Generally urban fantasy, generally LGBTQIA romance, generally longer fiction...but I have been known to write flash fiction, short stories, essays, songs, poetry, comics, and films as the spirit moves me.

Writing Goal

Write at least 100 words per day, 5 days a week, for the 6 weeks of Clarion & the Write-a-Thon: 30 days total.

Fundraising Goal

I went to Clarion through the Octavia E. Butler Scholarship, and I am so grateful for the ease of the financial strain of tuition that the scholarship gave me! Not everyone is eligible for that scholarship, however, which is why it's so important to me that we raise money for other scholarships through this Write-a-Thon. ***My goal is to raise $100 through this Write-a-Thon—but my hope is to raise more.*** Clarion helps so many people not only improve as writers, but gain important contacts in the speculative fiction industry. The more people who can attend Clarion because the cost of tuition is lowered, the more people will benefit from this marvelous workshop, and the happier I'll be. Please pledge and/or donate; even the smallest amount will help a future writer attend and flourish!

writing goal:
30 days of writing 100+ words


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