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I'm a speculative (and other!) fiction writer who's all about hedge mazes, queer love, and found forms. My role models include Clarion superstars Carmen Maria Machado and Kelly Link as well as Aimee Bender, Steven Millhauser, and Sarah Waters. I've just graduated with my M.F.A. from UNC Greensboro and published my second print story (based on this photograph: in the small-but-mighty Inch magazine. My favorite non-writing activities include cooking and baking, scrapbooking, and drinking tea.

Writing Style

"For someone who seems to be so happy and normal, you can definitely channel your inner oddball."—my mom

Writing Goal

I hereby pledge to five writing days a week—which shall be defined as a minimum of 45 minutes of ACTUAL, pen & paper, distraction-free drafting on the projects of my choice.

Fundraising Goal

I'm participating in Write-a-thon 2017 to do my part for this outrageously talented, wonderfully welcoming, and intellectually badass community. My participation in the workshop last summer was made possible in part by alumni fundraising, and I hope to continue to make Clarion accessible to one and all. My Clarion class was one of the most awesomely diverse communities of which I have had the privilege of being a part, and it's important to me to continue working to make Clarion an inclusive opportunity for writers in all stages of life. *** My goal is to raise at least $100 toward the Clarion 2016 Werejelly team effort! ***

writing goal:
30 writing days


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