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I have gender horror in Lightspeed & selkies in Apex. I also have a book! Coming out! This fall! It is about a girl who has a hole in the middle of her body. You should read it; it's gonna be good.

Writing Style

I play with genres and write for teens. Feminist AF.

Writing Goal

I'm hard at work on a new novel that is creeping me the HECK out (and is such fun!). This Write-a-Thon, I will generate and add 25,000 new words to the manuscript.

Fundraising Goal

A million billion dollars so Clarion can go on forever. (But seriously, I don't know. If you can make your rent and donate to RAICES Texas and still have some dollars left to share with the future of really good SFF writing, please do! It would be very nice.)

writing goal:
25000 words written


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