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Yeti writer from the Himalayas. Induced by climate change and quarter-life crises to get out there, write more, know other writers and get my ass published. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. But I wrote from under a rock: my audience was myself and a few loved ones. (Long story there.) This year marks the first time I am putting myself out there. Looking forward to this next phase of my writer's odyssey!

Writing Style

I am a worldbuilder before I am a writer. My USP (and hopefully my meal ticket) lies in creating immersive worlds that fascinate and endear. Setting matters much to me. I spend considerable hours building the setting before I work on the plot/characters. It's pretty fun although it can be time-consuming. (I have taken 3 years to construct one universe!) As my fiction tends to be "world-driven" more so than plot-driven, I have had problems. Namely the plot often gets neglected in my stories. I am trying to rectify this issue with a different approach. I start with some basic worldbuilding and let the plot take it from there. Essentially I'm letting the plot build the world. That's the latest evolution in my writing style.

Writing Goal

I have plenty of goals that I want to take a pen to. I don't expect to accomplish all of them. Still, here's my bucket list: 1) Finish digitizing and re-editing old ideas in my (paper) journals. 2) Finish the 'Ghost in the Shell (2017)' infographic. 3) Finish 'A Great Gamble' 4) Revise 'Unthoughter'. Integrate Chapters I & II. 5) Write for my clients and continue building portfolio. My aim is to make some/significant progress at some or all of these tasks. Wish me luck!

Fundraising Goal

Okay so here's how it is: I decided that my magic number is 420. I want to log 420 hours writing/moping in 6 weeks. That's 10 hours every day. My aim to raise $2 for every hour that I am at my desk. If I can get $420 (or more) for the Clarion Foundation, I'm going to--er--raise a toast in honor of those awesome folks who donated. Said toast will be lit at 4:20 the day I reach my fundraising goal.

writing goal:
420 hours in the chair


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