2018 WRITE-A-THON | June 24 - August 4
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Clarion Write-a-Thon 2018 signups start on June 8. Please come back then!

Clarion Write-A-Thon 9

Alas, the Clarion Write-a-Thon has
ended, with $9,308.00 raised so far!
However, we are still accepting donations. Thank you for your support!
Welcome to Clarion UCSD's Ninth Annual Write-a-Thon! What is a write-a-thon, anyway? Think charity walk-a-thon. In a walk-a-thon, volunteers walk as far as they can in return for pledges from sponsors who make donations, usually based on the number of miles the volunteer walks. Our Write-a-Thon works like that too, but instead of walking, our volunteers write with a goal in mind. Their sponsors make donations to Clarion sometimes based on number of words written, sometimes based on other goals, or just to show support for the writer and Clarion.

All donations are made through The Clarion Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, EIN #20-3114945.
The Write-a-Thon officially starts at the same time as the Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers' Workshop at UC San Diego. From June 24 to August 4, 2018, Write-a-Thon writers and sponsors can tap into the creative energy of the renowned six-week Clarion workshop, encourage this year's Clarion students, and help secure the financial future of Clarion, all without leaving home. Sign up now to embark on a six-week writing journey alongside the 2018 students-in-residence, supported by friends, family and fans!
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